chrome about 协议图例

about:version – obviously version information (also accessible by chrome-resource://about/) 显示当前版本 也可以是chrome-resource://about/

about:plugins – obviously installed plugins显示已安装插件               

about:histograms – hey I love this one! don’t quite know what this all means though显示历史记录

about:dns – obviously just some DNS 显示DNS状态

about:cache, redirecting to view-cache: – list of cached documents, each viewable in HEX!重定向到 view-cache: 显示缓存页面

view-cache:stats – stats for cached documents缓存状态

about:stats – obviously just some stats显示状态

about:network – that’s an awesome tool!很酷的网络工具

about:internets – oh, an Easter Egg of a kind? look at the page title – The Tubes are Clogged! ;)) apparently, this page will show you the legendary pipes Windows screensaver, if you’ve got it in your Windows directory 彩蛋 还会打开你的屏幕保护程序

chrome-resource:/new-tab/ – heh, a template for the empty tab page? 新标签页

chrome-resource:/favicon/ – even favicons look like this in the Matrix 😉 actually generating favicons of the URL provided

chrome-resource:/thumb/ – this one generates the page thumbnails for the empty tab page

about:memory – nice memory stats 占用内存统计

about:crash – will display the default crash page banner 打开默认的崩溃标题

:% – yes, just this little bit crashes the browser, so don’t try it unless you want to loose the opened tabsdoesn’t seem to work anymore in the new version which is already




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